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How to make rainbow text in Unity games

A guy in FB kept trying to ask me how to make colored text or colored FONTS.TTF blah blah in Unity game like Philly made in Racing games. TTF file can't have colors in it, It just a font file. Isn't he an idiot? I decided to research but i couldn't find anything useful. Coding that way is too complicated I guess... I came with an idea that I could make rainbow text using <color> tag like I did in BB code in forums, and i just found a HTML rainbow text generator tool that can be used. Ok let's get started. I'm no coding expert so i'll teach you the lazy method to make colored text look like rainbow in Unity editor. Install Unity and create a new project. I won't explain how to do that. There are lot of tutorials how to use Unity. Create a new script from the Create menu at the top left of the Project panel or by selecting Assets > Create > C# Script from the main menu Visit