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[TOOL] ADB 1.0.36 + Fastboot for Windows

What Is ADB? Android Debug Bridge (adb) is a command line tool that lets you communicate with an emulator or connected Android device. You can find the adb tool in  android sdk/platform-tools  or Download here Download adb.exe 1.0.36 + fastboot for Windows It contains the following files: adb.exe AdbWinApi.dll  AdbWinUsbApi.dll fastboot.exe ---------------------- List of ADB commands: ---------------------- -a directs adb to listen on all interfaces for a connection -d directs command to the only connected USB device returns an error if more than one USB device is present. -e directs command to the only running emulator. returns an error if more than one emulator is running. -s <specific device> directs command to the device or emulator with the given serial number or qualifier. Overrides ANDROID_SERIAL environment variable. -p <product name or path> simple product name like 'sooner', or a r

[Tutorial] How to remove all Ads from any apk

This tutorial will learn you how to remove Google Ads and other ads from any APK (app), the ads are a specific part in the source code that can be removed easily without damaging the app. I'm using the app Tubemate as an example 1. Backup the app from your device or download the official apk from that you are looking for. 2. Download APK Easy Tool. 3. Open APK Easy Tool, setup the paths, select an APK and decompile the APK file 4. Open decompiled directory. Navigate to Tubemate-2.2.9.blahblah.apk -> smali -> com. 5. Delete the following ads folders - adsdk - inmobi - lifestreet - millennialmedia - mocoplex - mopub - smaato - tapit DO NOT delete the folowing!!! - a - b - c - google 6. Open "google" folder and delete "ads" folder 7. Navigate to android -> gms and delete "ads" folder 8. Go back to the root folder of decompiled apk. Open "assets