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[MOD] KingRoot v4.93 mod apk (landscape support)

Kingroot promised me to add landscape support in Kingroot app, 6 months ago, but they didn't. I emailed them many times but they did not reply, so i just modded the app. Installation Instructions (root): If Kingroot app moved to /system/app automatically, open any file explorer app, enable root access (if avaliable), navigate to /system/app and delete it If Kingroot app is still installed as user app, simply uninstall it and install the modded apk. Root access will NOT be lost Installation Instructions (no root): Install the modded apk and start rooting Download APK: Kingroot v4.93 (Landscape only) Kingroot v4.93 (Auto rotation. Landscape/portrait) Kingroot Original app (Portrait only) Credits: iAndroHacker Note: Kingroot can't root your device, if your device is not vulnerable.