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How to dump and mod il2cpp games (2016) (Obsolete)

Disclaimer: This tutorial is for modders only, NOT for beginners
In this tutorial, i dump Craft Royale as an example. Let's get started
Before you start, check if the game was build in latest Unity3d and have il2cpp lib and make sure you meet requirements
This method will not work for x86 only apps/games
Requirements: * Be an advanced modder * IDA Pro. Download link * Notepad++. Download link * il2cpp dumper with interactive CLI. Download link * Any Hex Editor software. I'm using Hex Workshop. Download link * Online ARM converter. Link to the website * Basic C# knowledge
* Basic IDA knowledge
Open the APK with 7-Zip or WinRAR and extract the and global-metadata.dat file. is located in "lib\armeabi-v7a" and global-metadata.dat is located in "\assets\bin\Data\Managed\Metadata".

Disassemble the file on IDA first
In functions window, press CTRL + F and search il2cpp::vm::MetadataCache::Reg…

How to downgrade Geforce Experience back to v2.11.40 and block the update

I finally found the best way to block the crappy GeForce Experience 3.x.x update.
Follow the steps below to block the NVIDIA GeForce Experience update feature.
Downgrade Geforce Experience to 2.11.40: If you're still using an older version then you can skip this step
1. If you've already updated GFE to 3.x.x, access "Uninstall or change a program" dialog from Control Panel or from My Computer (Win10: This PC) and uninstall it. 2. Download and install last stable version (
Block the Geforce Experience 3.x.x update: 1. Navigate to the folder C:\ProgramData\NVIDIA Corporation\GeForce Experience\ and delete the "Update" folder 2. Download the hosts file 3. Navigate to the folder C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc and replace the hosts file. If your computer does not have hosts file, you can safety place the downloaded hosts file. (Admin…