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How to fix "error: only position independent executables (PIE) are supported."?

Some users still using old gdb and are getting an error "error: only position independent executables (PIE) are supported." when executing gdb on Lollipop and above. It only work on Android 4.2.2-4.4.4, ARM based devices only
To fix it, you must modify linker file and risk it replacing it in your rooted device. Make a full backup or make a Nandroid backup from recovery first. Tutorial Link:
If you do not like taking risks, please use Termux instead, it works on Lollipop, Marshmallow and above.
If you have x86 device, please use GameGuardian

Q&A: Why I can't decrypt files?

I have been asked by some modders why they couldn't decrypt .dll file or attach the process.
Wonder Tactics is Secneo-protected. It have anti-tamper, anti-debugging, etc and that protection is actually playing hide and seek with us which make us harder to get decrypted file. I can't get decrypted .dex because game crash instantly when I attach the process. They also make hacking tool bugs to prevent us from decompiling the APK file, like create long file names "rwerwer3r203235r23r32523cv5235c3215c1xccn4b74b73v....."above 255 bytes to create 255 bytes character limit error on Operating systems We don't have much freedom gameplay in their protected game anymore :( We uninstall the game if the game is getting harder, harder and boring.
Read more how they did:
To remove protection, you must get decrypted .dex file but that is also ard to get it due to protections. If you…

.ba6 File Extension - What is a .ba6 file?

What is a .ba6 file? A WAV audio file. These .ba6 files are from old flash-based games on Android/iOS. They are uncompressed
Software that will open? - Windows Media Player - VLC - AVS Audio Converter etc...
Can i rename .ba6 to .wav? Yes, you can, but you may need an audio converter to play that file on any devices.
.ba6 files spotted in GT Racing 1 data files /sdcard/games/GloftGTFM