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Il2CppInspector 2021 version (Windows)

I complied Il2CppInspector for other platforms so modders can use it on Linux or macOS without having to use Windows. Il2CppInspector does work on latest OS versions, Win10 x64, Mint 18.3 etc... Download: If you are using Windows, better use Perfare's il2CppDumper with 64-bit binary support: Official console version: GUI version: Tutorial: 64-bit binaries: Il2CppInspector does not currently support 64-bit IL2CPP binaries. 64-bit Mach-O files will be parsed without crashing but there is currently no support for 64-bit CPU architectures so automatic inspection will fail. Il2CppInspector. Extract types, methods, properties and fie

Rooting unprotected Android device using ADB script

I found out my crappy Denver tablet had privileged shell enabled by default ( in default.prop) which means I can remount /system as rw and push SuperSU binaries into my tablet. And of cource, it's made by china, ROM made by china and kernel made by china. In build.prop, the data was written like this 年 12 月 21 日 星期三 19:08:23 CST This method will not work if is set to 1 but there is always a change that any crappy chinese devices can be easly rooted like this. All crappy Denver tablets I had are vulnerable even adb privileged shell is disabled. I have written a simple CMD script that pushes SuperSU binaries, change permission and symlink files. Only tested in ARM device running Android 5.1.1. If you have a device running other OS and architectures, get SU binaries from SuperSU and customize the script by yourself. I only have ARM devices. Download script with required files here:

Always load all DLLs. Useful functions can be hidden in other DLL file

It was been long time I modded a protected PRG game. Last year it was protected by packer and it did detect emulator, root and memory editor. Today I looked into the game again and realized the developer dropped the packer protection and detection but .dll still protected. Hmm… don't know why. The game worked perfectly on rooted emulator with GameGuardian running. No fake crashes. There is something wrong with the game. I couldn't find anything useful in Assembly-CSharp.dll file, just some useless behavior designer, effects etc, and dnSpy failed to decompile the code. I opened Assembly-CSharp-firstpass.dll but it also failed to decompile the code. I gave up and went to sleep cause I wasted my time Next day, I had an idea. Load all DLLs into dnSpy and search and search. I finally found something useful functions that are not protected, MessageCS.dll. what the!?!? why is dev hiding useful functions in that file? Tested the mod, it worked perfectly So

GameGuardian Lesson - Getting Started

Note: This article is re-shared because original author deleted it What is GameGuardian? GameGuardian is application for Android Operation System, which afford you to hack and modify memory, used by games and other software. Sounds complicated? Just look to screenshots below and you will quickly understand.   So, GameGuardian allow you to modify any numeric value (and not only numeric, but graphics data, like HP/MP bars, too). As you can see GameGuardian designed to be your ultimate cheating and hacking solution. There few features, you should know or be aware of: You NEED ROOT . Sorry, non-rooted devices will not support GameGuardian. GameGuardian is completely free. There is no paid functions or features. Everything completely free. However,  your donations  will be very nice and hardly appreciate. =) The performance of the program are very heavy based on your device’s CPU and memory. In

GameGuardian Lesson - Searching “known” value

Note: This article is re-shared because original author deleted it Let’s do our   first hack   in this GameGuardian manual. For our first hack we will try something simply. I recommend Tap Counter [ Link ]. Only 80 KB, no special permission required. Try this one for practice. Step #1.   Launch   GameGuardian and   select   “Tap Counter” as your target application. After that   press   on “cross” icon in top-right corner Step #2.   Now   launch   Tap Counter and tap it few times.   Remember number 3 (three) . Go back to GameGuardian and   tap   “known” button. Step #3.   Here we go. This is our search window.   Input : value is “3” and type is “auto”. Start searching and wait. Let me explain a little. In “value” text field   you should input value you would like to search , for example 3 (three) as you see in our game/app. In “type” text field you should select   one of the type you are looking for : Byte – if your value is from

GameGuardian Lesson - Searching encrypted “known” value

Note: This article is re-shared because original author deleted it Now you should be able to hack or modify any game, right? Let’s try to hack score value in “300: Seize Your Glory” game. This is promo-game, based on “300:Rise of an Empire” movie. Download GameGuardian APK: and install it on your Android device Okay, our score is 200 right now. Go find it in GameGuardian (known search -> type: auto, value: 200). We have found – 198,659 address. Well, too much. Go back to game and increase our score a little, up to 1,550. Go back to GameGuarding and try new search with value “1,550”. Wait, what? Nothing have found? How this can be? Yes, this can be. Modern game developers trying to do everything to make their games harder to hack or modify. For example, you may see number 3,006 in your game, but this number may be actually stored as: · Sum of two different number (700 + 2306 or 1402 + 1604)

GameGuardian Lesson - Searching grouped “known” value.

Note: I re-shared this old tutorial because the original author deleted it What is a group search ? It is a special mode, where you are  searching for multiply values in same time with thing in mind that this values located near each other . What does this mean? Let’s check  example . This is a game named Greedy Cave – roguelike, with design borrowed from Don’t Starve. Let’s make  infinity HP and MP in Greedy Cave , shall we? First  open  GameGuardian dashboard and  select  Greedy Cave as target application. Now, open in-game menu and  check  your current HP and MP.  3,418 HP and 279 MP.   Open  GameGuarding and  input  this values through semicolon, like this: “ 3418;279 ” and start searching with “auto” mode selected.     Look what we have found here!  We have found two addresses  with “D”-letter and “W”-letter in them. Now, we can modify them and input any num