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Nitro Nation Fatty Wap fake crash bypassed!

I'm showing that Alphagamers are way smarter than developers. Developers are smarter than me of course but they still are not smart enough to stop modders Fake crash bypassed which means users can play modded signed apk Before, the game crash and this error appear on some devices Now the game work in signed apk And here is the proof of contents which is dated Mar 29 2008 in signed apk Modders/hackers, don't get fooled by these fake bugs, you have been warned! :) Read more about this fake bug (new link)

Know your Android device's GPU

There are 2 ways to find your Android device's GPU. There are 4 types of GPU's, Adreno, Tegra, Mali and PowerVR. I'm going to explain how to find the GPU of Z3 Compact as an example 1. Download CPU-Z from Play Store. Launch it and scroll down until you see the name of GPU 2. Visit and search your device name or you can search "<device name> gsmarena" on Google and you will find it instantly. Look at PLATFORM section, and you will see the name of GPU Hope this helps :)

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst - How to cheat time trail

I found this trick before i found this video. This trick will show you shortcuts

Modify Obscured types in CodeStage Anti-Cheat games

Wonder what are Obscured types? Obscured types are custom types and are for preventing memory hacking but there is nothing stopping you from editing the code. You just simply return an Obscured type rather than plain type. Requirements: A computer .NET Reflector 9, Telerik JustDecompiler or dnSpy Have basic C# and IL knowledge. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to modify get_attack with ObscuredInt with .NET Reflector 9 as an example The Instruction should look like this In offset 0, change ldarg.0 to ldc.i4 <any value> because it is an Int type. I'm not going to explain what are value types. Search on Google for more information about value types In offset 1, change the OpCode to newobj, Operand type to " -> Method reference ". In Operand, click on it and it will open the dialog box (see below) Expand Assembly-CSharp -> Assembly-CSharp.dll -> CodeStage.AntiCheat.ObscuredTypes -> ObscuredInt an