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How to check Il2Cpp Metadata version

Need to check metadata version? it's very easy. Open global-metadata.dat with any hex editor programs or if you are using Hex Workshop, right click on global-metadata.dat and click Hex Edit with hex Workshop vX.X Look at caret 0x4, this one says 18 which means 24 in decimal, so we know the metadata version is 24 Use the online tool to convert hex to decimal: That's all

Decode Params requests

Seeing weird params request in proxy debugging programs? you can decode it. Website:

Il2Cpp Modding Tutorial - How to make a cars cost 1/1 signed APK MOD

A good video tutorial how to mod il2cpp games by Krayzon A.K.A MyLifeOfMusique. This video includes how to use APK Easy Tool, removing fake bug, dumping il2cpp and editing .so file. Check out my text tutorial how to dump and mod il2cpp games.

CSR2 1.13.3 - Mega mod released by MyLifeOfMusique! Buy All Cars With Stars

Re-share. So Rans Uy went and sold his Premium CSR2 APK, Then apparently either him or one of his buyers released his Google Drive link publicly lol. Download links are in the video description. Check it out Mods In this Release: • Cars cost 1/1 , No Fusions • Buy with Cash = Yellow Stars  • Buy with Gold = Purple stars   ~~Airplane Mode NOT Needed (goes with above) • All Cars Including Crew Cars & Non Purchasable Cars--(Comes with $100 Bundle) • Can buy InApp Purchase Cars • Cash Cars Come With Liveries • Free Stage 1-5 Upgrades  • Liverace Works while banned  • Can Sell/Strip Any Car  • No Stripping Fee  • Crates are Free • Can Open Doors on Low End Device  • Carshop Delivery is Free  • Can Paint Any Car Including Livery(thanks to CrazyHater) • No Launch button • Headlights are on except for Daily Battles  • Max Zoom In And Out  • Get more parts from stripping • Jerry's Annoyi

Fake connectivity problems discovered

Found by CSR2 modding community FB group... long time ago Used to troll cheaters when they using modded savedata Tsk tsk. Don't do that game devs

How to crack any XOR'ed file using XOR Cracker online tool

Today, I'm going to show you how to crack XOR file using an online tool and to show you that XOR is not a good protection. This tutorial is also useful for malware/security researcher It's very easy to find out if file is XOR'ed or not. Just open the file in hex editor and you can see the same bytes is filled. In my example, the .dll file was filled with FF and other example found from the internet is the file is filled with EC E6 DC 7F DC E7 DF E0 Visit and drop the file. The online tool will crack the XOR'ed file for you. Download decrypted file that matches the XOR bytes. In my example, it's FF Open the download file with hex editor again. Congrats you cracked the XOR'ed file Read more: Credits: iAndroHacker (tutorial)