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Hacking an unknown value with any memory editor apps (All platforms)

Is it possible to hack HP, MP or cooldown bar that does not show the value? Yes it is possible, but you need to fuzzy searching. This method works for all memory editor programs, and all platforms, iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. This tutorial is also useful for encrypted values, such as 1029402342, 1092324242... instead 1,2,3,4.... In this tutorial, I will be using GameGuardian and hack the cooldown meter in Blitz Brigade game. Let's start hacking. Note, this is very old tutorial, it was how GameGuardian looked like back then Run   GameGuardian Pause the game, Open the memory editor, and select an app you want to hack Do fuzzy searching If it ask you to select the type, just click YES, if you don't know what type of the bar it is using Minimize the memory editor Resume the game, and increse the bar Pause the game, open the memory editor, click FUZZY Select "Larger" Keep repeating until the bar is n

How to root Bluestacks 1 & 2 (0.10.x / 2.x.x) (EASY ROOT)

I have found out that Bluestacks have secret root exploit (we can call The semi-root) which grant you full root access to everything without Kingroot and SuperSU. You can mount /data and /system in Read-Write mode using any file explorer which supports root. since the 0.9.0, the root exploit was found by me, which you can mount the /data partition, but the / and /system partition was in Read-only mode, and Kingroot wasn't able to root Bluestacks, since that release. Without Superuser, some root apps will not work, and thinking that your device is unrooted. Forget all about BS-Multi-Tool, and the modded offline installer which have crappy Galaxy S4 settings app, and bloatwares that you don't like. Rooting the clean Bluestacks v1 and v2 takes 1 minute. Kingroot takes 5 seconds to root like a rocket. No need any PC softwares needed to install. No need modded offline installer. If you don't like Kingroot, simply don't root to keep semi-root, or switch

How to install an unsigned APK (Root only)

Can't login with your Google+ on modded games? Really need to uninstall Facebook? NO PROBLEM. i will show you how to patch signature and make your device thinking that the signature is always true, so you can install any UNSIGNED modded apk on What can you do after patching? Install Unsigned APK Install Unsigned APK over the original APK Login with your Facebook account without uninstalling Facebook app Login with your Google+ on modded games 1. Make sure your device is rooted and have latest SuperSU and Busybox binaries. 2. Download Lucky Patcher from and install it DO NOT DOWNLOAD LUCKY PATCHER FROM PLAYSTORE 3. Open Lucky Patcher from the app drawer and let it refresh 4. Click "Toolbox" 5. Click " Patch to android " 6. Check " Signature Verification status always true " and " Disable .apk Signature Verficati

How to mod obfuscated DLL file (Unity3D games)

The Unity3D engine now have an ability to remove the function names, encrypt the code and put the encrypted function in the A section, and make the DLL into a obfuscated DLL file. This is similar to IDA string hacking, but now we try DLL string hacking The DLL i'm modding was ReRave. Coins is visual, and not possible to hack, but it is useful to learn modding obfuscated DLL file 1. Open the APK file with Winrar, and extract the Managed file from the APK file. 2. Download code search here for Reflector: 3. Open the Reflector. Click " Tools " -> " Add-Ins... " 4. Click " + " button 5. Go to the path where you had downloaded the " Reflector.CodeSearch.dll " file, and click "Open" 6. Click " Close ", close