How to bypass hacking tool detections using Hide My Applist (Root + Xposed)


This module can work as an Xposed module to hide apps or reject app list requests, and provides some methods to test whether you have hidden your app list properly. This module works better than XPrivacyLua that doesn’t hide app list properly


Download Hide my Applist from Github Releases · Dr-TSNG/Hide-My-Applist and install it

You may be asked to enable module on Xposed once you installed Hide My Applist. Enable it and reboot.

If it still says Module not Activated. Double check if the module is enabled in Xposed app, and reboot again

If it says Module Activated, as shown below, we can now begin to do fun stuff

Image 2023 06 01 12 52 17.png

Choose App manage

Image 2023 06 01 12 52 32.png

Find for the apps you like to prevent it from checking your apps list. In this case, I’m hiding from ApplistDetector app

Image 2023 06 01 12 52 46.png

Enable hide. Click on 0 additional apps invisible

Image 2023 06 01 12 52 58.png

Choose the apps you want to hide

Image 2023 06 01 12 55 02.png

As I used ApplistDetector app to test app hiding. The results passed successfully

Image 2023 06 01 12 55 32.png



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