Fake bug - Enable events for cheaters in Kim Kardashian

A person told me that the event disappear when using a mod of Kim Kardashian without any error, without ban message, and without any notice.

I analysed the game and i just found a fake bug right there.

CanShowPromosToCheaters checks if a player is a cheater or not. If a player is a cheater, the event will be hidden without any notice. It is called fake bug, so we have to say "Nice try devs".

This can be enabled by modifying the so file with hex editor or with IDA Pro.
Replace with 01 20 70 47 (MOV R0, #1 and BX LR) and save

Noob steps.
Extract libstardomkim.so file from APK file using Winrar or 7-zip
Open libstardomkim.so file in IDA and search CanShowPromosToCheaters
Look at the offset beside the blue name. Example: .text:001E1110
Open libstardomkim.so in HEX Workshop
Search the offset in HEX Workshop that you found in IDA. My example is: .text:001E1110

Change it to 01 20 70 47 and save





I'm just showing that the devs are not smart enough to create a fake bug to cheaters.


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