Android modding tools that are working on Apple Silicon computers

These tools for modding purposes have been tested on my M1 Mac Mini running Big Sur 11.4

Not working tools

  • NoxPlayer: (Says something in chinese and still won’t boot even i gave all permissions, I believe due to missing VT-x support)

  • AvaloniaILSpy: (Used to view dummydll. It can launch but it doesn’t work well, it can’t decompile anything and randomly crashes)

  • AVD Emulator (Build-in on Android Studio): Emulator does NOT work because M1 does not support VT-x

Some apps that are not natively supported for M1/Silicon, will be running on Rosetta 2 which is an Intel x86 emulator and of course there is an impact of performance, but at least better than nothing. Some apps will not run at all. For the complete guide of compatibility, visit


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