How to increase NDK compiling speed

I have found a way to increase compiling speed of Android NDK. This will work with any versions and any platforms

Since NDK is using make, we can simply add a -j(Number) flag. Go to the (SDK Location)\ndk(NDK version)\build and edit the ndk-build.cmd (Windows) or (Linux/macOS) with any text editor of your choice. In this case, i’m using Windows

add the -j(Number) switch beside the path to make executeable. If you are unsure what number, just put 2. I recommended to use a half number of your CPU core like, if you have 8 cores of CPU, use 4. If your CPU usage is too high, reduce the number

"%PREBUILT_PATH%\bin\make.exe" -j4 -O -f "%NDK_ROOT%\build\core\" SHELL=cmd %*



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