VMOS Pro: How to renew free premium everyday

I just found a way to renew free premium/VIP account by creating new accounts everyday, without using mod APK

  1. If you haven’t installed VMOS already, go to VMOS Virtual Machine Operating System - Double Your Android System or 产品中心-VMOSPro (preferably vmos.cn because vmos.com is often outdated. The language is 50% english and 50% chinese) and download official APK

  2. Create account with throwaway email and simple password. Use temp mail sites like Emailnator, YOPmail, Dispostable, Temp-mail or others

  3. Once you create account, you will get free premium for a day

Screenshot_20220806-172049 2.png

  1. After it expired, repeat from step 2 😂

Works as of VMOS 2.7.4

You will not lose installed root or xposed if premium expired, but you will not be able to boot up VM until you renew premium again


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