FDex2 - Old dex dumping tool for Xposed

FDex2 - A module for XPosed. It is used to dump dex from any apps
This is very old tool and may not work on Android 6.0 and higher. I just shared it here for archive purposes

This tutorial is from chinese website but I won’t link to it. Don’t ask me why

Download FDex2


Activate FDex2 in Xposed
Go to open again Xposed, check = activate FDex2:


  • Notice
    • It will prompt : XPosed Module list has been updated, changes will take effect after reboot
    • So in order to make FDex2, remember to reboot XPosed

Run FDex2, click on the app to be cracked
Open FDex2it again and you will see a list of apps (currently installed on Android):


Then click the corresponding, you want to crack the app that exports dex, such as here: 小花生.

The name of the selected app will turn red, and a pop-up box will prompt you with the package name and the path to save (export the dex file):

The settings are saved successfully, please reopen the target software, hook package name: com.huili.readingclub
dex output directory: /data/data/com.huili.readingclub


Run the app to be dumped
Then click to run the app


Normally: as long as you open the app and wait a few seconds (waiting for the calculation inside FDex2 and the operation of exporting and saving the dex file), the export of dex can be completed.

For example, entering the homepage of Little Peanut:


Just wait a few seconds and you’re done.

But in order to be safer, you can go here, click and switch pages at will, it will feel better.

Go to the corresponding directory to find and export the dex file
The internal logic here is:

FDex2All dex files of the app are being exported to the corresponding directory:/data/data/com.huili.readingclub

Follow-up (used in Nox) to open the corresponding directory, you can see the (multiple) dex files you want:



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