How to hide Magisk from detections (Magisk v23 and below)

MagiskHide allows you to hide apps from detecting Magisk and root, prevent showing incompatile device or fake bugs such as crashes, stuck, connection error. Not all apps can be bypased because they may have new detection methods and new ways of circumventing MagiskHide.

For Magisk v24 and above, please check this tutorial:

Let’s get started

Open Magisk and open settings

Image 1641570377.png

Enable MagiskHide and click on Hide the magisk app

Image 1641570387.png

A prompt will appear. Name the app of your choice, and click OK

Image 1641570393.png

Now please wait for a few seconds!!! Don’t touch anything until it relaunches. After that, click the shield icon -> MagiskHide

Image 1641570440.png

Choose the apps you would like to hide from detection

Image 1641570452.png

Reboot to take effect.

That’s all!


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