Mod source codes collections

The place to get spoonfeed with my source codes and offsets of the games I have modded, and also others which I got permission to share or found from the web. Credits given in the specific files. You can use them learn and see how I wrote the code, and get ideas, if you have common sense. Most codes are very old since 2014. Sources may be messy.

It’s also to stop leechers from leeching my offsets when it’s impossible to stop them, due to shaddy scripts wide spread. Now they can just find this repo straight forward without leeching. I’ll try to share more codes of my active mods when I can, considering if devs doesn’t bother patching something

This isn’t really straightforward spoonfeeding, I don’t offer any support with this repo. If I don’t spoonfeed enough, just learn more programming and modding and at least have common sense!

I’ll appreciate if you can credit to me and others (if mentioned in the source) if you wanna use the sources

Have fun :)

Link: AndnixSH/Free-Shared-Mod-Codes-Collections


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