How to use Riru-Il2CppDumper to dump Il2Cpp games (Magisk 23 and below)

For Magisk 24 and above, please see new tutorial:

Riru-Il2CppDumper is a magisk module that hooks into the game, and dumps data while the game is running, even the game is protected and encrypted. Riru-Il2cppDumper can dump protected games that you can’t with normal Il2cppDumper, even you used GG or LibDumper to dump .so and .dat file

This module requires root with magisk, if you don’t have root, please use Auto-Il2CppDumper by BrianGIG:

This is not an 1-click dump, this is a DIY tutorial, you must do the following steps manually and compile the module by yourself. You just need to know how to use Android Studio and make some changes, no need programming skills. NEVER ask me to dump it for you

This will not work on some games with higher protections. Some games can detect tampered APK and detect hooking.

Are you ready? let’s go:



Know the unity version:


Open the project in Android Studio. Wait for the Gradles to load

Open game.h. An example has been setup


Before you change version, read the Unity version compatible list in the game.h
and comment out or remove defines if one or more are below than that

For example my game is 2019.4.0f1, I changed version to 2019.3.7f1 game.h and commented out the following definitions

//#define VersionAbove2020dot2
//#define VersionAbove2021dot1

And know the game’s package name. You can easly find out anywhere, from Playstore’s URL, APKcombo’s URL, etc

Image 1629306993.png

Compile the module

First do Build -> Make project

Then Build -> Make module

Image 1616754574.png

File comes out as under out folder


Copy the file to your phone

Install Riru on Magisk if you haven’t installed already, It’s called Riru in the Modules list. Don’t reboot yet


Now Install the module from your storage



Reboot after install

Check your module list again, see if Riru module is running. If it says Loaded 1 modules or more, you are good to go. If it says Loaded 0 modules, something is wrong with your setup


Open the game, it will generate dump.cs to /data/data/(Game package name)/files/ within a few sec. You may need to wait a few secs or wait for game data to be finished downloading, until it has been dumped


Congratz, you have successfully dumped it!

Having issues? Try to dump unprotected game like Among US or Subway Sufers to see if it works, if not work, your device may not compatible or the Magisk or Riru module is not working
If it works, then the other game you had tried is protected against Riru dump


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