How to use Zygisk-Il2CppDumper to dump Il2Cpp games (Magisk 24 and up)

Il2CppDumper with Zygisk, dump il2cpp data at runtime, can bypass protection, encryption and obfuscation, that you can’t with normal Il2cppDumper, or with GG

This module requires root with magisk, if you don’t have root, please use Auto-Il2CppDumper by BrianGIG:

This is not an 1-click dump, this is a DIY tutorial, you must do the following steps manually and compile the module by yourself, and then install on your rooted phone to dump the game. NEVER ask me to dump it for you

This may not work with some games with higher protections.

Are you ready? let’s go


Riru module is NOT needed anymore. Please Uninstall Riru if you have it installed

Build your module:

There are 2 ways to build your own module. The easiest way is using GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions

Image 1651251673.png

Go to the Actions tab in your forked repo

Image 1651251713.png

And simply enable them

Image 1651251740.png

Click Build -> Run workflow. Input the game package name and click Run workflow

Image 1651251766.png

Wait for the action to complete and download the artifact

Image 1651251924.png

Android Studio

When it’s done, edit game.h and replace with game package name

Image 1653152882.png

Click Build -> Make Project or Make module to compile

Image 1653153063.png

The zip package will be generated in the out folder

Image 1653153078.png

Magisk module installation

Open Magisk app, open settings and enable Zygisk (Beta)


Click Modules and Install from storage


Use file manager of your choise and select


When it’s done. Reboot



Start the game, dump.cs will be generated in the /data/data/(Package name)/files/ directory


Having issues dumping?

Try to dump unprotected game like Among US or Subway Sufers to see if it works, if not work, your device may not compatible. If it works, then the game you had tried is protected against dumping

Report issues to github page Issues · Perfare/Riru-Il2CppDumper

Other ways to dump:

Auto-Il2CppDumper (No root):

LibDumper (Root only. Recommended if you use Emulator): How to Dump Protected libil2cpp & libUE4 game, metadata file and other non-unity games [NEW METHOD] - - Android & iOS MODs, Mobile Games & Apps


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