How to install LSPosed on Magisk for Android 8.1 or above

A Riru / Zygisk module trying to provide an ART hooking framework which delivers consistent APIs with the OG Xposed, leveraging LSPlant hooking framework. Emulators are fully supported. If you are using Android 8.0 or below, use Systemless Xposed Installer module instead. See:

Download the LSPosed ZIP package: Releases · LSPosed/LSPosed

  • If you’re using Zygisk, download the file named
  • If you’re using Riru, download the file named,

Open the Magisk app, and switch to the Modules tab using the bottom navigation menu.


Tap on the button named Install from storage (Package icon on bottom-right corner if youuse Mgisk Delta).


Next, browse and select the ZIP you downloaded earlier.

Image 2023 06 23 15 38 13.png

After a successful installation, click Reboot to reboot Android system. If you use Emulator, do not click Reboot, instead restart the emulator by clicking close button

Image 2023 06 23 15 38 49.png

LSPosed should prompt you to add the LSPosed Manager icon in your launcher.

In case the icon is not present, you can launch the Manager interface from the notification or by dialing ##5776733## (aka LSPosed).

Image 2023 06 23 17 29 27.png

If it says "Activated, it is working!

Image 2023 06 23 17 29 53.png


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