How to backup app data using Swift Backup app (Root only)

Most users probably don’t need a backup tool since most games comes with login system, or transfer ID. But some offline games does not offer an option to backup or you can’t backup because you haven’t paid the game, or using signed APK, or broken Facebook login.

To use Swift Backup properly, you’ll need to root your Android device. If you don’t have root, you can use Virtual Machine and install apps you like in it

Download Swift Backup from Play Store: Swift Backup - Apps on Google Play

Open Swift Backup. Grant root access when asked. After grating root access, you will see this screen. Note, I PURCHASED the premium with my money, so don’t ask me for mod APK

Tap the Apps icon

Image 2023 01 28 13 49 03.png

Choose the app you want to backup. (I will backup CarX Rally as an example)

Image 2023 01 28 13 49 13.png

Tap on Data, or +Backup.

In rare case, you may also need to backup Ext. data. Most apps does not store data or sensitive data on /storage/emulated/0/Android/data for security reason

Image 2023 01 28 13 49 19.png

Choose if you want to back to device or cloud. Cloud is a premium feature only

Image 2023 01 28 13 49 36.png

If successful, you will see this screen

Image 2023 01 28 13 49 47.png

Your encrypted backup data will be stored in **/storage/emulated/0/SwiftBackup/

Keep in mind, you can’t read encrypted backup data. It is for your privacy sake! To see your unencrypted data, use a File manager and go to /data/data/(package name)/**


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