Ghidra - NSA Reverse Engineering Tool (Freeware) (IDA Alternative)

Ghidra, A software reverse engineering (SRE) suite of tools developed by NSA's Research Directorate in support of the Cybersecurity mission


Video tutorial:

How to use ghidra:
You need java to be installed on your machine. Download it from

Launch ghidraRun.bat

Accept User Agreement

Before work can be done you need to create a project

Click File -> New Project...

Choose your protect Type

Non-Shared Project: Work alone, locally
Shared Project: Work with a team via server

Decide where to store your project and give it a name

Now you can start importing file via file menu or drag and drop a file

Ghidra populated the file format and language if they can be auto-detected

Click OK if it's correct
The Import Results Summary window will appear. It gives a summary of infomation about your program. Click OK.

Now you are ready to open a program in a tool. Double-click on file to open.

Click Yes

Then click Analyze using either the default options or your changed options

This is the progress of each analyzer. You can cancel it anytime


On the left side, there is Symbol Tree. It enabled finding symbols and navigation. Use it to search function name you like to look for.

That's all

For more help and infomation, please look up more tutorial on the internet

To bring up help for a menu action, hover on it and hit F1


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