IDA Pro: Synchronized view


IDA 7.3 and above can synchronize view with disassembly and pseudocode

First, press F5 on your keyboard or Open subviews -> Generate pseduocode F5 to generate pseudocode. More info IDA Pro: How to decompile to pseudocode - - Android & iOS MODs, Mobile Games & Apps

Right click: Synchronize with -> IDA View-X, Hex View-X

Image 1617457332.png

Now the corresponding lines are colorized. You can press TAB to switch between the two views

Image 1617457508.png

If you want split view, drag the pseudocode window to the right side

Image 1617460006.png


Image 1617457347.png

See: IDA: What’s new in 7.3 – Hex Rays

Video clip:


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