DumpDecrypter - Decrypt IPA on jailbroken iOS

DumpDecrypter is a free application allowing you to easily decrypt iOS apps directly on your device. Decrypt installed apps and save the generated IPA file and share it or use it to modify the app code and inject dylibs. Works with all modern jailbreaks.

DumpDecrypter can be downloaded from the repo: Hoàng Tuân Repository

How to decrypt IPA or binary:

  1. Open DumpDecrypter app

  2. Refresh the app list to display all installed apps.

  3. Tap on an app displayed on the list, and tap Continue.


  1. DumpDecrypter will open the app and start decrypting. It will take a few seconds.

  2. Once completed, it will ask you if you want to view in Filza, share it or dismiss the prompt


The generated file will be located in /var/mobile/Documents/DumpDecrypter folder.



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