List of real and fake iOS emulators

I’m making a list of real emulators that I discovered, and fake emulators (Simulators) that most various money hungry fake websites claims they are 100% real, and best iOS Emulators to run iOS apps on PC. Some idiot sites even claim iMAME, which is an arcade emulator, is more focused on allowing you to be able to play iOS games on your computer LMFAO!!! What a joke. No offense to any of those compaines who developed simulators, they may be useful in some cases, it’s just a fact that money making blog/news websites claims they are real

Don’t get excited yet, there are no decent emulators we can use for modding or gaming purposes, touchHLE is the closest for gaming, I’ll just provide info so you know

If you know any real emulators that that runs on actual iOS system, no matter what language, please let me know!

List of iOS emulators that runs on actual iOS system with some limitations

  • touchHLE (iPhone OS 2.0)
  • iPod Touch 1G (iPhoneOS 1.0) (Linux only)
  • (iOS 13.7) (Online only, demo, paid)
  • Corellium (Online only. Real emulator with real kernel but it doesn’t allow you to use App store. Paid for security researcher only)
  • Docker-eyeOS (Run the iPhone’s xnu-qemu-arm64 (iOS 12) in a Docker container. No Display yet)
  • HeileiOSX/HLSimulator (iOS 9.2) (Chinese only and VIP ONLY)
  • ipasim (Run iOS apps on Windows. Similar to Wine to run Windows apps on Linux, and Mac, if you know what I mean)
  • Run That App (iOS 8.4)
  • Nut Simulator/AppleSeed (iOS 10.1) (Chinese only, DEAD)
  • Xcode Simulator (any iOS version) (macOS only. You can’t install any apps than your own)

iOS simulators (as known as fake emulators).

  • AIR iPhone
  • Electric Mobile Studio
  • iPadian
  • MobiOne Studios
  • Remote iOS Simulator for Windows
  • Ripple
  • Smartface
  • TestFlight


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