How to view iOS app contents on Apple M1 & M2 computer

This is for Apple M1 computers only which can run iOS apps

It’s same way as you view contents of your macOS apps. The iOS apps are installed on the same location /Application as where macOS apps being installed

But I will show you if you don’t know that

Open Finder and view your Applications

Image 1623420615.png

Right click on the app you want to view and click “Show package contents”. (Mine says “Vis indholdet af pakke” in danish in the screenshot)

Image 1623420634.png

Do the same on another .app file

Image 1623420645.png

There you go. Have fun with it

Image 1623420659.png

The binary is encrypted as usual on iOS, but did you know il2cppdumper can dump offsers even the binary is encrypted? XD



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