How to block ads using Lucky Patcher

Tired of random ads and popups that ruin your experience and interrupt while playing games, waitching video and surfing on the web? and while using mods with malcious ads from other site? This simple trick block across your entire device, in your browser, in the apps and the games.

Blocking ads is highly recommended if you use mods from other site with malcious ads injected!

Download Lucky Patcher here:

Root way
Pretty much easy.

Open Toolbox, click Block ads and turn off Google Ads services, and block ads on device. This will block ads on all apps and games


Blocking ads on device may cause false positive sometimes. Unblock or clear local hosts file, if you are getting connection issues within the app

Non-root way (Not recommended)
Currently only way is to modify APK and install it. This method is not recommended because some apps can detect modded APK. Please use VPN method instead

If you still like to do this way, proceed

Choose your app and click Menu of Patches


Choose APK without Google Ads


Select the options you like and Rebuild the app


After it’s done, click Go to file


Uninstall and install


Click yes to uninstall and install it



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