How to block ads in all Android apps and games (No root & root)

Tired of random ads and popups that ruin your experience and interrupt while playing games, waitching video and surfing on the web? and while using mods with malcious ads from other site? This simple trick block across your entire device, in your browser, in the apps and the games. Some of these tools require root access, but you won’t need it at all in most cases.


Blocking ads is highly recommended if you use mods from other site with malcious ads injected!


Changing the DNS (Android 9 Pie and above)

One of the easiest ways to block ads on Android smartphones is by changing to an ad-blocking service’s private DNS provider. This method requires no apps, but it only works on Android phones with Android 9 Pie and above, as the Private DNS setting was introduced with this version of the OS.


To change the DNS, go to Settings > Network and Internet > Advanced > Private DNS. Choose the option “Private DNS Provider Hostname”, and enter “” or ““, and hit “Save”. And that’s it.


On some phones, the path to change the Private DNS may be different. If your phone UX has a search bar, simply search for “Private DNS” to land on the relevant settings page.


However chrome is designed to ignore this by default. So an additional step is required for blocking ads in chrome.


Type "chrome://flags" in your chrome browser. Search for "Async DNS resolver" in the page which opens up and change the value to "Disabled". This will ensure chrome follows the system DNS setting.


That's all! Enjoy an ad free phone


Using apps

Those apps sets up a local VPN to filter out ads and trackers that doesn't require root, and may drain battery a bit, while root way like AdAway and LP can directly modify hosts in the system without VPN, thus saving battery life


Choose the apps you like to use. They are pretty easy to use, just need to install and press a button to enable. Make sure to allow installing apps from unknown sources in your device’s OS settings. I recommended Adaway in root way because it's free and lightweight


Adaway (No root/root):


Blockada (No root):


Blockada Slim (No root):

Please note: The full-featured version, due to Google's business model, isn't allowed on Google Play. Hence, the version available on Play Store only allows changing the DNS service.

Blokada Slim Ad blocker - No Ads, better battery - Apps on Google Play


Clario (No root):


DNS66 (No root):


Adlock (No root):


Adguard (No root):


Lucky Patcher (No root/Root):

Best if you have root access. No root way requires you to create modded APK. It is not recommended to do

Tutorial: How to block ads using Lucky Patcher - - Android & iOS MODs, Mobile Games & Apps


Replace hosts file manually (Root only)

Download any hosts file you like to use: StevenBlack/hosts


Open any file manager, enable and grant root access and replace "hosts" at /system/etc


Restart your phone and you are now ad-free!


With this way, you can't whitelist the sites or apps. If you use Chrome or other browsers which have "data saver" or "VPN" build-in, enable it to bypass adblocking and bypass anti-adblock warning message. Or use Puffin Browser or any free VPN apps.


Problem? Read this:

* If you use Chrome or other browsers and still see ads on web pages, remember to disable the "data saver" or "reduced data usage" browser option

* Check your APN settings for any proxy, the proxy itself could be allowing ads. Disable the proxy.

* After you install or make any change to AdAway, you must reboot for those changes to take effect

* Disable VPN connection if connected


My hosts

If you want better adblocking, stability with less false positives you can add my hosts source in the adblocking app and disable all others or replace hosts manually


It is written from scratch by myself and been using it daily since 2016.



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