Disable signature check using Core Patch app to install unsigned APK (Xposed/EdXposed) (Root)

Core Patch is a small tool based on the xposed module

It can be used to remove the system signature verification, directly modify the APK, and downgrade and install the APP.

For example, directly overwrite and install the old version of the application, re-sign overwrite and install the official version of the app, modify an apk but install without resigning.

What is difference between Core Patch and Lucky Patcher:
Lucky Patcher does not need Xposed, it's patching the system files directly. It does have Xposed way though but may not work same as Core Patch

LuckyPatcher's signature bypass is not fully and does not bypass signature scheme v2 and v3, the bypass is likely 25% complete and must fix apk manually to make it work which our team are not allowed to explain. Otherwise Google will improve security. Core Patch 100% fully bypassed signature checks and does not need apk fix. It is way better than LP. I had asked chelpus to fix signature bypass multiple times but he does not respond!

If VMOS app has bricked, reinstall the app and you may lose your data
If you are using magisk, you can simply flash magisk uninstaller zip to unbrick it! https://forum.xda-developers.com/apps/magisk/official-magisk-v7-universal-systemless-t3473445
If you don't use magisk and have custom recovery, you can reflash the rom to unbrick it
If you are using stock rom without custom recovery, use an external flasher tool from manufacturer if available. It may wipe your data

- Root (SuperSU or Magisk)
- Xposed or EdXposed

Xposed installation:

Virtual Machine apps (any devices, non-root and root):

Install any Virtual Machine apps such as VMOS, X8Sandbox, etc which supports root and Xposed

Please search for the individual VM apps for more infomation on how to setup

Rooted devices without custom recovery:
Follow this thread: https://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=3034811 and use Flashfire app

Rooted devices with custom recovery:

Rooted devices with Magisk:
1. Open Magisk Manager -> Downloads
2. Install Riru - Core
3. Install Riru - EdXposed (SandHook and YAHFA shouldn't matter. I tried SandHook version and it worked)
4. Install EdXposed Manager app from GitHub https://github.com/ElderDrivers/EdXposedManager/releases
5. Reboot

Keep in mind, installing Xposed might trip SafetyNet for as long as you have it installed.


More EdXposed installation details. Thanks zverilius!


@zverilius said:

EdXposed installation procedure:

1 / Riru - Core set first and reboot / version 19.5 / 19.6 / 19.7 work.
19.7 update from 02.27.20 costs, put through the Magisk repository.

2 / Riru - we put EdXposed second and reboot, the updated version YAHFA is installed through the Magisk repository.
Version also works
We choose to your taste.
On each firmware, each version can work differently, the case of exit from the bootloop is described below.
On my 9k, all versions run without bootloops / except for the old and
But, I had stable work on version YAHFA, and also currently on the updated version YAHFA.

3 / EdXposed manager set third and reboot / version 4.5.2 / 4.5.3 / work 4.5.4 stands.
That's all, EdXposed is installed.

Those who will do these manipulations on Android 10 !!!!!
Instead of Riru - EdXposed, you need to install version or
I have not tested work on the top ten, according to user reviews it works.
Almost all versions work on nine, BUT, stable operation on OS9 and OS10 may depend on the model of the device and its firmware !!!

Removing EdXposed> go twrp> additionally> explorer> data / adb / modules> EdXposed delete> reboot and we are in the system. Next, you can flash another version of EdXposed through the Magisk repository / you can zip / or zip through twrp> reboot and EdXposed in our place.
Removing the EdXposed module> just like in the first case, go to the twrp explorer> then data / app> look for the name of the module because of which the bootloop happened> delete> reboot and we again successfully booted into the system.

Another small addition:
1) lucky patcher (android 10) doesn’t work on version of the exposed, but it works on
2) for those whose EdXposed does not want to see an Internet connection and the modules are not loaded, we make a connection through the "VPN" and the modules will load successfully.

All successful hacks))))))

Core Patch app installation:

1. Download and Install Core Patch (核心破解)

Core Patch 2.0 for Android 4.4 - 7

Core Patch 2.2 for Android 7 – 10

Core Patch 3.x for Android 11







Core Patch 3.x does not seems to have GUI. I don't have real Android 11 device to test at the moment

2. Enable the module in Xposed/EdXposed Manager, and reboot
3. Open Core Patch and check all 3 options.

Enjoy installing unsigned APKs


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