Memuplay - Enable APK install and overwrite patch

After memu, they make some changes that prevent APK from installing if APK already installed and shows a toast message. I had contacted Memu to bring back and add drag and drop APK, they did add drag and drop APK but still make no change with installing APK. Contacted them over 9000 times with different email domains but no response.
I don't understand why they added installed apk check, there is no security issues since all devices allows install and overwrite APK with same version using GUI or ADB. No data are lost during re-installation.
So you know what? I removed installed apk check by myself and it worked! no more "the app installed already" s**t! Apk install and overwrite is back again and works same way as and below

Note: The mod apk was tested with 5.5.8 and 6.0.1 but should work on any 5.x.x and 6.x.x version running Lollipop and Nougat. This doesn't work on Memu 3.x.x.x or Memu running Kitkat.

I can't get modified of new download.apk to work. This still work on 6.0.1 but without .XAPK installer support

How to enable APK install and overwrite:
  1. Open options in Memu and enable Root mode, reboot
  2. Download and install and any File Manager that support root mode from Play Store
  3. Download modded Download.apk LINK #1 or LINK #2
  4. Go to /system/priv-app/Download, make a backup of Download.apk and replace modded Download.apk, allow root permission when asked
  5. Reboot memu
Now you can install and overwrite APK with same version to test it quicker and to save some time :)
To check if it works, open an app/game and install APK. If the app/game crashed, it means it works and Memu should prompt you that an APK is installed.

Something doesn't work in memu:
Re-install Memu to bring it back to original state of system.


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