Noblesse M security bypass

Developer ended service of Noblesse M. All the money players who had spent are been wanished.
This is the reason why you should NEVER PAY ANYTHING in the game lol XD

Now I will give you my bypass + codes of Noblesse M for learning purposes. I don't need it anymore. It's very easy to bypass
Good luck :)

Security Bypass
Dump/Decrypt following files:
- Assembly-CSharp.dll
- Assembly-CSharp-firstpass.dll
- classes.dex

Decompile/baksmaling classes.dex

Edit following smalis with Notepad++

Method: OnCreate
invoke-direct/range {p0 .. p0}, Lcom/unity3d/player/UnityPlayerProxyActivity;->BavaydIbg()V

Method: OnCreate
invoke-direct/range {p0 .. p0}, Lcom/unity3d/player/UnityPlayerNativeActivity;->FecdomitIyp()V

Method: OnCreate
invoke-direct/range {p0 .. p0}, Lcom/unity3d/player/UnityPlayerActivity;->DompemdortEk()V

Method: EmulatorChecking
Replace to:
.method public static EmulatorChecking(Landroid/content/Context;)V
    .locals 0

.end method

Method: IsEmulator
Replace to:
.method public static IsEmulator(Landroid/content/Context;)Z
    .locals 1

    const/4 v0, 0x0

    return v0
.end method

Method: OnCreate
invoke-direct/range {p0 .. p0}, Lcom/netplay/noblessemmain/UnityMainActivity;->MepebAr()V

Removing the void methods with weird names prevents the call to com/igaworks/commerce/interfaces/GubumkohenkEk and prevent loading the lib which contains security + anti-cheat

C# modding codes:


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