How to backup/export split APK using Split APK Installer

Important: It is recommended that you only use your ARMv7 device for APK backup since it come with ARMv7 config that works for all ABIs: ARMv7, ARM64, x86 and x86_64
Do not use x86 unless ARM really doesn't work on x86 devices/emulators

Now Lucky Patcher is no longer the only app that can properly backup split APK. Split APK Installer now have it too since 2.0 release

Download APK:

Open the app

Click on Export

An FAQ message will prompt for the first time

A list of splitted apps will appear. Click on the blue icon to Export on the right side


When done, exported apps are stored as a .apks file which is a ZIP archive containing all the split APKs

How to install split APK:


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