Heilei iOS emulator can install IPA but only available for developers (HeileiOSX/HLSimulator)

Installing IPA on an iOS emulator was technically possible but decided to make it only available for game developers


Heiley Apple Development Edition released
2019-08-30 15:11:07
Dear users of Heilei, unknowingly, Heilei has been out for half a year. In the past six months, our development team has been working hard to optimize the client experience, but due to lack of development energy and manpower, we only updated To 100 popular games and applications, and the reality is that several new games will be launched every day in the country, and a large number of users require new games to be updated every day. We do want to meet everyone's needs, but at present we are Work is still on the client's experience optimization and performance improvement, so the energy for updating and adapting the game is slightly insufficient.

After careful consideration, this time we release the development version to developers with development capabilities, hoping that capable enthusiasts can do their best to assist in the adaptation of various applications to benefit the majority of users.

The following is a brief description of the development version:

1.  This development version is currently the only way to list Hei Lei stores.
If you are a game or application developer, you can adapt and submit the application to the development version.

2.  Tested high-quality applications, free listing
It is also necessary to comply with relevant national laws and regulations and qualification requirements

3.  Allow local import of any ipa file for testing
Different from the user version, the development version can import any ipa package for testing, but whether it runs needs to be adapted by itself.

4.  Provide a complete logging system for developers to do test analysis
A complete analysis log is provided with the development version. Developers can research the log by themselves, or they can seek our help and troubleshooting.

5.  Hei Lei can help when encountering problems that are difficult to adapt

6. The  developer version is only provided to developers. In order to avoid unnecessary energy loss, developers are requested to apply for development qualification after certification.

Developer version registration application entrance: ( click here to register )
Developer Edition Tutorial: ( View Tutorial )

I hope that the majority of developers have any comments and problems in using the Heilei developer version to communicate with us, and make the Heiley simulator better to serve more users.


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