How to modify VMOS stock ROM

Modifying VMOS stock ROM is very easy since the stock ROM is a zip file lol
If you know how Android works, you can do it

Open APK using Winrar or 7zip

Go to assets and extract file

Mbx files are the kernels I think. Idk but they are .ELF format

Open and get started modifying it. You can edit init, add files, add apps, theming... whatever.

Changing permission isn't required, it's done automatically upon ROM installation.
And very important, nothing must contain spaces and symbols, otherwise it won't boot

This is an example I added Superuser in /system/apps

Hint: Superuser came from settings.apk.

When you are done, put back in APK file. Sign the APK using APK Easy Tool

To see the ROM changes, clear data or reinstall it.


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