AndLua+ v6.6 APK (English/Chinese)


AndLua+ has some compatibility issues on Android 5.1 and below. It is highly recommended that you use a device or an emulator running Android 6.0 and above

AndLua+ app is a lightweight scripting tool that allows you to easily perform script programming and testing on your Android phone. This is a very useful tool for those who need script programming. AndLua+ is based on the open source project lua. It uses a simple and beautiful lua language, which simplifies cumbersome Java statements. At the same time, it supports the use of most Android APIs, free installation and debugging, and makes your development on your mobile phone easier and faster. The permission requested is for you to write a program to use, please rest assured to use.

- Chinese function library
- API interface (easy to use)
- Communication Forum (Chinese only)
- Import project (.alp)
- lua file encryption (enabled by default)
- Share source codes
- Download source codes (some costs money)
- English language (chinese is default)
- Customizeable code editor (In settings)
and more...


Sources and Infomation:
Official website:
QQ chinese group: 574867511

Telegram English Channel:
Telegram English Channel 2:
Telegram English Channel 3:
Telegram International Discussion:
Telegram International Discussion 2:
Telegram International Discussion 3:
Telegram Arabic Channel:
Telegram Arabic Discussion:
Telegram Indonesia Channel:
Learn To Code Telegram Channel:



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