APK Easy Tool (GUI Apktool Windows)

APK Easy Tool in action. Note: Sided log output is only available for higher resolution with 1250 width and above.

Apk Easy Tool is a lightweight application that enables you to manage, sign, compile and decompile the APK files for the apps you are working on.

Allows you to manage the updates and fixes from one place
The program comes with a clean and user-friendly interface that is unlikely to give you troubles. You can get started by selecting the desired file via the browsing function of the tool or drag and drop.

Jasi Toolkit (GUI Apktool)

OVERVIEW JASI TOOLKIT has been built with the idea of making your work simple and easy for Android Reversing to end user, it is fast, stable, smooth and NOOB FRIENDLY..!! It is a GUI program which helps you to do tasks with just clicking simple options rather than messing with commands manually for every single task, it handles everything itself and is intended to save your time.
FEATURES DECOMPILE/COMPILE: Decomile and Compile Android APK, DEX and JAR files.DEX2JAR/JAR2DEX: Convert DEX to Jar and vice versa and see source code in JDGUI Decompiler.ANDROID DEBUG BRIDGE: ADB commands to do tasks with just one click without writing a lot of lines manually.SIGN/ZIPALIGN: Signing and ZipAligning of APK/JAR files and Creating custom certificate for signing.OAT2DEX/ODEX2DEX: Convert optimized ODEX/OAT to deoptimized form.USER FRIENDLY: Material themed UI, portable, simple and easy to use.

Logcat highlighting for Notepad++

I made logcat highlighting for Notepad++. It’s not 100% perfect but easier to read. Notepad++ have 8 color styles limitation, I can’t make many color styles than 8
You must rename file extension to .logcat and right-click on file and choose “Edit with Notepad++”

Baldi's Basics - Playtime unused sounds mod

Some unused sounds still exists in 1.3.2 so i just modded it for fun. Only Playtime's unused sounds are being used. I had to slow own Baldi in order to test the mod
Download modded Assembly-Csharp.dll:
Open .zip file and replace Assembly-Csharp.dll on [your game directory]\BALDI_Data\Managed

Baldi's Basics by mystman12:

Jasi Patcher (Alternative of Lucky Patcher)

JASI PATCHER is an automated patching tool for android intended to bypass restrictions in the apps & games, it includes custom patches, support patches, universal patches, offline emulation, spoof, hooks, tools and utilities.



Emulation: Offline Simulation Of Android Market Servers For License And Billing, Store Purchases On Offline Databases.Spoof: Spoof To Mask IMEI Number, WiFi Mac Address, Bluetooth Mac Address, Hardware Serial, Manufacturer Serial, Brand, Manufacturer, Model, Device, Product, Hardware And Board.App Manager: App Manager Features Like Clear Data, Kill App, Launch, Uninstall, Backup APK/Data And Restore APK/Data.Rebooter: Rebooter For Soft Reboot, Reboot, Power Off, Reboot Safe Mode, Reboot Recovery, Restart SystemUI And Reboot Download.Customizable: Change Themes, Fonts, Orientation, Languages, Animations, Sorting, Import & Export Settings And H…

Baldi's Basics - Behind the 3rd question

You know that weird horror game right?
I’m always curious how 3rd question works so i decided to take a look at the source code in dnSpy. First I thought I can debug the answer but it doesn’t give any results so I look deeper in the code
Here, this code gives you random math question but it have checks. In story mode, If problem below or equal 2 and notebooks below or equal to 1 it gives you normal question and so on.

When you have 1 notebook and you answer 2 questions, the codes goes to “else”. The impossibleMode has been returned to true and it generate numbers 3 times and messing up

So what is the answer to the 3rd question? As I debugged the game, the answer to the 3rd question is either 1st or 2nd question but it has been disabled (impossibleMode returned true) so you will always get wrong answer.

Don’t trust any youtubers who made the video about answering 3rd question correctly. They are fake and clickbait. It’s to get more views from you
Here’s why:

It’s photoshopped. I marked them red

Better Smali syntax highlighting for Notepad++

The smali syntax highlighter for Notepad++ was originally made by Ádám Tóth, Jho and lohan+ but I made it look way better so that it no longer look like kids theme
Here are the files:
For light theme: smali_npp.xml
For dark theme: smali_npp_darkbg.xml

To import the xml file, Click Language -> Define Your language
Click Import… and select the xml file to import

Done. Enjoy the hightlighting