How to remove root detection from APK file (Smali modding in noob way)

Note:  I made this tutorial since 2015, it was the noobest way to edit smalis without any knowledge. This is not for all apps, it basically gives you idea how very simple root detections can be removed in smalis. Advanced root detection can be in libs too and may be harder to bypass. I will not cover that
This was the noob way to edit smalis without any knowledge

How to remove root detection from the APK file:
1. Download any APK tool of your choice

2. Install Notepad++ or other text editors that support searching through all files

3. Decompile an APK file

4. Open Notepad++, click on "Search" -> "Find in files..."

5. Go to the path where the APK has been decompiled, and choose "smali". Click "OK"

6. Search the following keywords and click "Search"



7. You will see the result. Double click on line to open up the choosen smali file.

8. Modify the string to whatever you want. Example: "com.donotdetectme", "imnotrooted" and so on.

9. Open the APK tool, select the APK and recompile + resign the APK file

10. Install it on your rooted device and enjoy


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