Developers may add fake bugs in their games

Now i have found out that some game developers added some fake bugs to make modders think their mod is not working properly and let modders spent more time looking into the problems until they gave up.

Glu have added file MD5 check with fake crash bug without error message in Racing Rivals, and the codes are located in advertisement stuff. If the file has been modded, the game will exit after the logo. Activision have added the fake touchscreen bug with a timer that activate 'anti-touchscreen' in CoD Heroes. When you let the game run in 2 minutes, the touchscreen bug is activated and you can't touch on the screen in-game, but you can still touch on the soft keys and swipe down to show status bar + soft keys (kitkat and lollipop). This can be done in smali modding

Modders, don't spend your time. Before you mod, modify a text string in DLL file or test re-signed apk first to see if the game goes wrong. If so, then the game has fake bugs that needs to be removed in smali


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