Fix ShadowPlay/GameStream Fullscreen capturing bug with Fullscreen Fixer tool (For chromium-based browsers)


MD5: CCE37762D08B5A1F4E6A99E25E16BB3D

How to use this tool?
It is very simple to use. Simply open the tool and click "Enable" to run the process "Invisible Form" that opens the invisible form that you can't see. It temporary fixes fullscreen capture bug for Nvidia Geforce Experience. You can close this tool while the process is running. To end the process, open the tool again and click "Disable" or open Task Manager and end process of "Invisible Form (32 bit)"

How it works?
This tool opens an invisible form on top-left corner that you can't see. The opacity is 1% and it is not visible for you. 0% does not fix the problem as the form will be hidden. You can click through the form, so it does not disturb you or annoy you. When you enable it, it will extract the .exe on %AppData%\Local\Invisible Form and execute from there

Enable auto fix on startup will add the .exe file at %appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup.

Process name "Invisible Form (32 bit)" The invisible form uses 2.3 MB of RAM

How i found the workaround
It took me a month to find the solution. First, i go to Nvidia control panel and switch to high performance, it worked, but after i update Google Chrome, it does not work anymore. I played with chrome://flags but no luck. Few weeks later, i found out that Bandicam temporary fix the problem because the floating window fixes it. I created my own floating window and it also fixed the problem

You can disable the hardware acceleration in Google Chrome settings but it is not recommended!

There are other way to fix the problem:
#1 Go to settings and disable Hardware acceleration in Google Chrome settings (not recommended for slow computer)

#2 Use Google Chrome 49 portable version. v49.0 was the last working stable version and it still working on most websites. It is not obsolete yet :)

#3 Any program that support floating

Virustotal check:

HEUR/QVM03.0.0000.Malware.Gen is a false positive and i can't fix it!

Links about the bug:

Bug reports:
Help us reporting/commenting your problem until Google will listen to us.

Reduced file size
Moved the form to -229 px of left side for mor invisibility

Fixed Invisible Form.exe
Minor text fixes :)
Removed about and replaced wit

First release

Source code:


Youtube videos:


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