How to remove flurry ads + fake crash (Android)

Hello, today I'll teach you how to fix game crash (API key not specified) by removing Flurry Ads. The crash appear when the apk was re-signed.

I'm unsure if the game developer tried to customize Flurry ads into fake crash to make modders think their mod is not working. The API error was in the previous game for long time. I have seen the company made fake crash function inside ads that detects modded DLL file and set the timer to make touchscreen stop functioning. Don't always trust fake bugs/issues. You're been warned!

In this tutorial, I'll remove Flurry Ads from CSR2 as an example

Let's get started

First of all you need:
- An APK tool to decompile an APK file (I'm using APK Easy Tool)
- Notepad++ installed on your computer. Download Notepad++
- Basic smali knowledge

Decompile the APK (I'm using APK Easy Tool)

Open Windows File Explorer. Navigate to \smali\com\ and delete the "flurry" folder. If you can't find the folder, use search.


Navigate to \smali\com\bossalien\racer02\ and delete the following files

* CSRFlurryAdsManager$eFlurryAdState.smali
* CSRFlurryAdsManager.smali
* CSRFlurryIntegration.smali

But wait there are remaining Flurry codes left. Launch Notepad++. Click on Search -> Find in files and search "Flurry" in the entire smali folder of decompiled apk


The results will show below.  Under CSRPlayerActivity.smali, double-click on the lines to open the file and Notepad++ will highlight text for you. Better use Search -> Find... to find text since double-click to highlight text in results is buggy

Remove all FlurryIntegration related codes until there are no left.


Don't remove other flurry codes (NmgFlurry) that has nothing to do with Flurry ads.

Compile the apk and sign the apk

Now you can play re-signed game




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