Replace KingoRoot with SuperSU manually without Terminal (2017)

KingoRoot is annoying. No landscape support and battery lock screen cause my device to freeze. Support took 6 months to reply. I finally found a way to manually replace Replace KingoRoot with SuperSU without a script.

Before you get started, make sure you backup everything.

What you need?
- CPU-Z app
- X-plore file manager app
- SuperSU flashable zip

1. This is very IMPORTANT: Check your Kernel Architecture of your device using CPU-Z app. I bricked my device by placing wrong binaries for armv6 on a armv7 device by a mistake

In my example, my Kernel Architecture is armv7 so i'm gonna extract armv7 folder later

2. Download Recovery of SuperSU:

In the zip, there are 9 folders. I will list the folder below

META-INF = Signature and script for custom recovery
common = required files for SuperSU/rooting. init scripts are not needed

arm = For old armv6 devices. Devices like HTC Wildfire, Wildfire S, Galaxy Y etc
arm64 = For arm 64-bit. Sony Xperia M5 etc.
armv7 = For all known popular devices you know. Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, etc
mips = Unknown. Don't know which device is using mips
mips64 = Unknown. Don't know which device is using mips
x64 = Unknown. Don't know which device is using x64
x86 = For Asus Zenfone, Bluestacks, Android emulator etc.

3. Open X-plore, open confuguraion and enable root access as Superuser + mount writable

4. Extract <Your architecture> and common folder in your device

 Navigate to extracted folder on left pane and navigate to /system on right pane

6. Now we gonna replace and delete some files in the ROM very carefully! Do the following:

Tip: Press and hold on the file and select permission to change the permission

Android 4.4.x and below: Copy: /common/Superuser.apk => /system/app
Android 4.4.x and below: Change permission to 644 (-rw-rw-r--)

Android 5.0.x and above: Create a folder named "Superuser" or whatever
Android 5.0.x and above: Change permission to 755 (drwxrwxr-x)
Android 5.0.x and above: Copy: /common/Superuser.apk => /system/app/Superuser
Android 5.0.x and above: Change permission to 644 (-rw-rw-r--)

Replace: /common/ => /system/etc
Delete: /system/etc/

Replace: /<Your architecture>/ => /system/lib

Rename: "su" to "daemonsu"

Replace: /<Your architecture>/daemonsu => /system/xbin
Replace: /<Your architecture>/supolicy => /system/xbin

Delete: /system/app/kingouser.apk
If Kingouser is installed as user app, uninstall it from Settings -> App

"su" binaries are write protected but they are not needed to be replaced because SuperSU can replace them once you update it in STEP 8

7. That's all. Reboot your device

8. SuperSU will appear on app drawer. Open it and it will ask you to update the binary. Press "continue" and "normal". The update should be successful.

9. Reboot your device one more time

Now you have a working SuperSU

Tested devices

If you got it working, please tell me your device model, android version and CPU architecture so i can add it to the Tested device list!


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