Android - How to disable "No location access" popup (Root needed)

Google recently pushed an update of Google Play Services with this annoying popup says "no location access" when you reboot your device or turn off location. This is super annoying when it popups on boot. I don't know what's going on with Google designer, seems they are working with annoying features on Android devices and plans to remove random features for no reason without any notice. You are been warned!


You can disable that annoying thing but you need a rooted device and an app named DisableService. It can be downloaded from Play Store.

Launch DisableService app, tap on System, select Google Play Services


Click on full/short to show full service names, and uncheck This disables the popup. It does NOT break the app but it may happen if you do something wrong. Reboot your device and enjoy using your device without annoying popup by Google

Thanks Akmal_hyperion in XDA for this trick!


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