How to root Bluestacks 2, 3 and 4 using BlueStacks Tweaker 5

Bluestacks devs turned off root mode and patched some vulnerabilites preventing any root apps from rooting Bluestacks 2.5.x and up, but there is still there is still a way to root using BSTweaker externally.

Download BS Tweaker 5 from official website:

Extract the files to your desired directory

Open BSTweaker 5. Before rooting, make sure the Bluestacks is fully closed. You can either Stop BS, Full Stop BS or Force Kill BS on the Main page until the BlueStacks status become red

Go to “Root” tab and click on Unlock

Once unlocked, start Bluestacks

Then you can click Patch on BSTweaker

Root will be enabled. Enjoy

If you want to disable root, open BSTweaker 5 again and click Unpatch

Watch video tutorials by Anatoly


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