How to find ZIP password inside APK file

I'm just showing you that protecting contents using ZIP password isn't a good idea. I was able to extract music files from password protected ZIP/OBB file of japanese rhythm games

·         apktool.jar or APK Easy Tool
·         IDA Pro
·         Notepad++

1. Decompile the APK file using apktool.jar or GUI version, APK Easy Tool

2. Open Notepad++. Click Search -> Find in Files and Search "password" or "zippassword" in the whole decompiled APK folder

3. As in rhythm games, the "password" found in .js and .so file. js is just javascript that shows webpage. we are looking for .so file

4. Disassemble the .so file and search "zippassword". You will find the password immediately

5. Open ZIP/OBB using 7-zip or Winrar and input the password.

Done and enjoy!



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