CSR2 1.13.3 - Mega mod released by MyLifeOfMusique! Buy All Cars With Stars

So Rans Uy went and sold his Premium CSR2 APK, Then apparently either him or one of his buyers released his Google Drive link publicly lol.

Download links are in the video description. Check it out

Mods In this Release:
• Cars cost 1/1 , No Fusions
• Buy with Cash = Yellow Stars 
• Buy with Gold = Purple stars 
 ~~Airplane Mode NOT Needed (goes with above)
• All Cars Including Crew Cars & Non Purchasable Cars--(Comes with $100 Bundle)
• Can buy InApp Purchase Cars
• Cash Cars Come With Liveries
• Free Stage 1-5 Upgrades 
• Liverace Works while banned 
• Can Sell/Strip Any Car 
• No Stripping Fee 
• Crates are Free
• Can Open Doors on Low End Device 
• Carshop Delivery is Free 
• Can Paint Any Car Including Livery(thanks to CrazyHater)
• No Launch button
• Headlights are on except for Daily Battles 
• Max Zoom In And Out 
• Get more parts from stripping
• Jerry's Annoying Daily Reward
• Upgrading Stage 1 Car Part will unlock Stage 6 but not install it. 
• Yellow Star Cars have fusion counts as if they were purple stars.
• More Fusion Slots(**may cause some cars to crash the game....Sorry!)
 ~~140 on T1, 168 on T2-T5 if paird with the one above that, slightly less if not.
• Installing Fusion Parts is Free
• Fusion Parts amount doesn't decrease when you Install them.
• Adding in Fusions yields Extra Player and Crew RP
• Option- 4999 RP -  60 fusions for daily cap of 299,940--(Comes with $100 Bundle)
• Buying Cars and Stage Upgrades do not Give RP(helps the rp mod) 
• EP Number updates sooner in Tuning Screen
• (Work In Progress) Can Enter Almost Any Race
• Gold Does Not Decrease

Krayzon / MyLifeOfMusique


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