Baldi's Basics - Behind the 3rd question

You know that weird horror game right?

I’m always curious how 3rd question works so i decided to take a look at the source code in dnSpy.
First I thought I can debug the answer but it doesn’t give any results so I look deeper in the code

Here, this code gives you random math question but it have checks. In story mode, If problem below or equal 2 and notebooks below or equal to 1 it gives you normal question and so on.

When you have 1 notebook and you answer 2 questions, the codes goes to “else”. The impossibleMode has been returned to true and it generate numbers 3 times and messing up

So what is the answer to the 3rd question?
As I debugged the game, the answer to the 3rd question is either 1st or 2nd question but it has been disabled (impossibleMode returned true) so you will always get wrong answer.

Don’t trust any youtubers who made the video about answering 3rd question correctly. They are fake and clickbait. It’s to get more views from you

Here’s why:

It’s photoshopped. I marked them red

Of course, their are MODs that allows you to answer 3rd question. I don’t complain.


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