APK Easy Tool (GUI Apktool Windows)

APK Easy Tool in action. Note: Sided log output is only available for higher resolution with 1250 width and above.

Apk Easy Tool is a lightweight application that enables you to manage, sign, compile and decompile the APK files for the apps you are working on.

Allows you to manage the updates and fixes from one place
The program comes with a clean and user-friendly interface that is unlikely to give you troubles. You can get started by selecting the desired file via the browsing function of the tool or drag and drop.

The interface displays various information about the APK files, including package name, version, minimum SDK version and version code. From the main window, you can make the desired modifications as the main functions and additional options are all available in this tab.

Speaking of functionality, some of the main operations you can perform via this tool, you can count compiling, decompiling, signing, extracting and installing the APK. In case you are working with ROMs only, then you can make further changes from the Framework tab. Moreover, if you feel you missed something, you can check all operations performed from the Log output tab.

A straightforward app for managing APK files efficiently
A noteworthy feature of the tool is that you can create the new code separately and overwrite the current APK with a simple drag and drop. It goes without saying that this operation can save you a lot of time and effort.

In the eventuality that you provide frequent fixes and updates for your Android games or tools and want to be able to manage this processes smoother, then perhaps Apk Easy Tool could come in handy.
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- Windows 7 or above
- .NET Framework 4.6.2 or above
- Java SE/JDK for decompile, compile, and sign APK. If you don't have Java installed, you can only use Zipalign or Install APK. 
Download and install Java SE/JDK now

Decomile and compile APK, DEX and JAR files, with SPACE, symbols and germany, danish, swedish etc... characters support. Can cancel during operation

Signing and ZipAligning of APK/JAR files. Can cancel during operation

Extract/Zip APK
Extract and zip APK with 7z Compression-level 0-9. Can cancel during operation

APK Infomation
Show APK infomation with icon using aapt dump badging and link to Play Store

Install your framework and manage framework paths

Log output
View your logs to find errors. Set date to view your previous logs
Sided log output is only available for higher resolution with 1250 width and above.

Change options of tool, decompile, compile, sign and zipalign. Options: Java heap, Apktool version, apksigner version, directories, java path, Windows explorer integration, remeber window position and more
All options and textboxes are saved as config.xml and will load on launch
Quick options on main.

Drag and drop
Drop APK, DEX, JAR files and Decompiled folder on buttons to perform actions. Drop outside buttons to select/open as file/folder

Apktool.jar version selection
Can switch to other versions of apktool.kar on options
Add other apktool.jar in "Apktool" folder 

4 buttons to open work directories of decompiled APK, compiled APK, extracted APK and zipped APK 
Jumplist shortcuts

Windows explorer integration
Do actions by just right-clicking on APK file and choose the following options, decomile or compile APK, DEX, and JAR files, Zipalign APK, Check align, Sign APK and Install APK

Getting started:
  1. Download .msi or zip file,
  2. If you download .msi, open it and simply install it. If you download portable version .zip, extract to the portable drive you like to.
  3. Launch APK Easy Tool, directory are automatically set
  4. Select the APK file you want to work with or drop the APK to perform an action
  5. Do some work and good luck 
You do not need to select APK and set the directory if you do drag and drop actions.

Framework are for ROM developers and System App modder only

It works the same way as the command line version 
Download links:
Bitbucket (Direct links): 
Portable | Installer x86 | Installer x64

Dropbox link

Android File Host link

Baidu link (Better download speed for china) 

Evildog1 (Creator of this tool)​
ibotpeaches (Creator of apktool.jar)​
Google (adb, aapt, apksigner and zipalign)​
bootstraponline (signapk)​
Igor Pavlov (7zip)​
JesusFreke (Smali/Baksmali)​

APK Easy Tool v1.541 Changelog (2018-09-16)

===[ Fixed issues ]===
- Fixed wrong path of config.xml. 
- Compile name textbox places wrong location when using high DPI (Removed auto new location point)
- File not found when installing framework
- Added exception of copying to clipboard to avoid crash.
- APK info and icon does not load on startup

===[ Enhancements ]===
config.xml will always save on Documents folder if the tool is stored on C drive. Implement of path on C drive is working in progress 


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