How to fix apktool compile errors

Well, there are many reasons why but I will show you most common errors. Note, i'm talking about general apk modding, not system apk/framework modding


Assets.dex issue "Class xxx has already been interned" and "Not a valid dex magic value"

By default, apktool try to decompile dex from assets folder which would decompile to smali_assets on a root directory of decompiled apk, and compiled to assets.dex upon compiling

This can cause compiling issues



To fix the problem, decompile APK again with the flag [code]--only-main-classes[/code] to only decompile on main classes in root (classes[0-9].dex) then you can compile without any problem


Note: Only for apktool 2.4.1 and up


You can try to delete .dex from assets folder or smali_assets/assets.dex but it may cause problems


If you are using APK Easy Tool 1.57 and above, you can enable the option "Only disassemble the main dex classes" under Options -> Apktool. Again, only for apktool 2.4.1 and up

Error: No resource identifier found for attribute 'manageSpace' in package 'android'

The attribute does not exist in the framework or it could be fake attribute to prevent compiling



Remove android:manageSpace="true" from AndroidManifest.xml



Error: String types not allowed




In this case:

W: Failed to generate resource table for split ''

W: E:\(PathToDecompiledAPK)\res\values\drawables.xml:5: error: Error: String types not allowed (at 'APKTOOL_DUMMY_1c2' with value '').


This error tells you which xml an error occured and which line


Open the XML file: E:\(PathToDecompiledAPK)\res\values\drawables.xml

Remove drawable name="APKTOOL_DUMMY_1c2" />  at line 5 and save the file


You will get another error about public symbol. See below


Error: Public symbol XXX declared here is not defined.

Public symbol does not exist in public.xml



In this case:

W: E:\(PathToDecompiledAPK)\res\values\public.xml:1133: error: Public symbol drawable/APKTOOL_DUMMY_1c2 declared here is not defined.


Open the XML file: (PathToDecompiledAPK)\res\values\public.xml

Remove <public type="drawable" name="APKTOOL_DUMMY_1c2" id="0x7f0601c2" /> at line 1133 and save the file


Resource error (APKTOOL_DUMMY) (Split APK)

If you get APKTOOL_DUMMY that's generally because apktool can't decode some of the information in the original APK and creates a 'dummy' value instead. Because there's no things called APKTOOL_DUMMY in public.xml, the APK can't be recompiled. It's likely because you try to compile splitted APK with some missing infomation



Merge split APKs manually


Or use the SAP (Split APK Packer) tool


Other issues

- APK is protected, encrypted or obfuscated. Reversing of such files is beyond the scope, so find out yourself

- Invalid syntax in smali and xml. You may have done something wrong


You can search for useful infomation on the following sites.

Report your issues to them if you feel like to


Apktool: iBotPeaches/Apktool

Smali/baksmali: JesusFreke/smali


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