Bypass "ptrace: Operation not permitted" or fix small dump size problem

How to decrypt an encrypted .dll [NO-ROOT]

Have "ptrace: Operation not permitted" error when you try to debug a game using GDB? or have small gcore dump size problem after saved gcore? Follow these steps

"PID" stands for Process ID

The game is EDEN Avalon Legends (

Turn off the Advanced Task Killer app, if it is running. Open the game, and press the HOME button to minimize the game.



dumpsys meminfo

to view all running processes.


Take note of the number next to "pid" (PID stands for "Process ID" and changes everytime a process starts). In my example, I'll take note of the number "383".

Now, using the PID you just noted, type:

ls -l /proc/<gamepid>/task/


ls -l /proc/4492/task/

This will give a list of clones of the main PID and depending on the game, can attach to it regardless of if ptrace is denying the main process id (PID), if that makes sense.

5. Attach to a clone of the process

gdb -pid xxxxx

gdb -pid 4546


The symbols are loaded which means the game is debugged


6. Dump as normal with gcore

gcore /sdcard/DUMPEDFILE

Do not worry about any warnings like these you may read in the Terminal app:



7. Extract the DLL file as normal with cracked Winhex



This tutorial is used to teach you new things. EDEN Avalon Legends will not run if you replace the modded DLL file

Note: Games such as GrandChase M doesnt work even the clones found through "ls -l" still deny ptrace it basically depends on the securty the game has but its good info and you never know what seems a really hard game might just work as did avalon legends which like 4 i know are trying to bypass ptrace for


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