How to open an APK file using Winrar or 7-Zip on Windows

Hi, dear community

I was bored, so i created a new tutorial for newbies who wanted to start modding Android apps or games.

Download APK file from or other app store
Visit: or other app store and download APK/XAPK of the app/game you want to download

To open XAPK file, simply change the file extension to ZIP

If you have 7-Zip, right click on XAPK -> 7-zip -> Open archive

Backup APK file from your device

Download the app named App Backup & Restore from Play Store

Open the app. Select the app you want to backup and tap "Backup"

You're done. Your APK are stored in /sdcard1/App_Backup_Restore

Close the app. Connect your device to your computer with USB cable. Navigate to SDcard and find the folder named "App_Backup_Restore". If you can't find it, disconnect the USB, open the device USB Settings, select Mass storage mode (MSC) and connect it again.

Sony Xperia devices: Settings -> Xperia Connectivity -> USB Connectivity -> USB Connection mode

Open APK with WinRAR (Windows only)

Download WinRAR from HERE and install it on your computer

Right click on the APK file, select Open with and select Choose another app (Win 8/10) or Choose default program... (Win 7 and older systems)


Click on More apps (Windows 8/10)
On Windows 7, simply click Browse... navigate to the path of WinRAR and select the WinRAR.exe

Tick "Always use this app to open .apk files" and click on "Look for another app on this PC"

Select WinRAR.exe and click Open

Done. The WinRAR will open the APK file

Open APK with 7-Zip (Windows only)

Download 7-Zip from HERE and install it on your computer

Right click on the APK file. Select 7-Zip -> Open archive

Done. The 7-Zip will open the APK file




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